Hugo, VSTS and Continuous Deployment

May 5, 2017    Blog DevOps VSTS

Hugo, VSTS and Continuous Deployment

I’m using Hugo to create this blog from a theme and Markdown files from VS Code. It has worked really well for me. At first, I started by generating the site locally and pushing it using WinScp through FTP to my web server.

I quickly got tired of manually copying the files, so I decided to “rub some DevOps on it” with Visual Studio Team Services as Donovan Brown likes to say (#RubDevOpsOnIt).

The Build

First, I added the exe to my Git repository on VSTS along with the code. Then, I run the hugo.exe -d deploy command. The build triggers on commits to master.

VSTS Build


I’m using Microsoft’s Release Management to send my files through FTP using SSH to get to my web host. This has a Continous Deployment trigger set on the Artifact Source.

VSTS Release

VSTS Release CD Trigger

The build and the release only take about a minute to complete.

That’s all I had to do to have continuous deployment for my Hugo blog!

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