Become more productive with a clipboard manager

December 5, 2019    Development Productivity

Become more productive with a clipboard manager

As a developer, I find myself re-using the same strings I’ve copied over and over. Rather then putting those items in Notepad++ and then copying them again when I need them, I’ve found that a clipboard manager makes this much faster.

I’ve been using Ditto for years. Windows 10 has a clipboard manager that came in 2019, just hit Windows + V. Visual Studio 2019 also has a clipboard ring history tool.

It’s nice to see these tools built into Windows, but there are still a few reasons I keep using Ditto.

  1. Ditto has a search feature (which the Windows built in tool does not). If Windows adds that feature, then I might switch away.
  2. Ditto works everywhere outside of Visual Studio
  3. Ditto has some great configurations settings

You can get Ditto in the Microsoft store.

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