Ajax promises without jQuery

May 4, 2020    Development

Ajax promises without jQuery

I originally posted on GeeksWithBlogs.net on 10/07/2014. I decided to port it here, after getting another up-vote on my StackOverflow answer .

I’m trying to move away from jQuery , since I’m using Knockout and AngularJS more all the time. I’ve always done my AJAX calls with the useful jQuery $.ajax( method . Searching for “ajax without jquery" brings up a lot of results, but they all include how to do it with jQuery. First a friend found a tutorial on ES6 promises on HTML5 rocks that included an example of “Promisifying XMLHttpRequest". Since promises aren’t in all browsers yet (IE and Android Browser) you can polyfill with es6-promise . Or use Q or Bluebird for a promise implementation. Angular JS has it’s own $http and $q to handle this. There is also a question on StackOverflow that I added this answer to . Wrap that in a dataService.js file and I’ll be well on my way to no longer needing jQuery for Ajax calls and still have promises! Update: This project on Github has a simple wrapper of XHR with promises added in. Update 2: Fetch is going to be an XMLHttpRequest replacer though was a ways off in browser support , but now is in all but IE 11.

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