Blazor is here with .Net 5

June 17, 2020    Web-Development .Net

Blazor is here with .Net 5

If you’ve followed me or look back on my posts, you can see that I’ve done a lot of web/UI work. I’ve done jQuery. I enjoyed Silverlight. I then moved to KnockoutJs and was thankful for the data-binding. I’ve learned Angular and Aurelia, but haven’t used them much in production code. I’ve used Typescript on a large team and that has been very helpful.

Those frameworks are great and the learning ride has been crazy (it seemed like there was a new framework every week for awhile.) Grunt/Gulp/Webpack/Parcel and NPM are great tool chains but take a lot of learning and setup.

I’ve been seeing presentations and videos about Blazor for awhile and putting it off as something to learn. With the MS Build 2020 conference and some other podcasts and videos I don’t think we can put off using it any longer. I’ve only seen demos and presentations, but I’m ready to start recommending it as a viable option. It’s really appealing to write C# code and use the tools built into Visual Studio or VS Code to run and debug. You can run in web/desktop/Windows/Linux without using Electron or something else. You can stream from the server with SignalR or run on the client with WebAssembly.

I appreciate all the options available.

It’s looking like the promise of “write once, run every” from Java and Silverlight after that is coming true with Blazor.

Jeffery Palermo said in his Azure DevOps Podcast that Blazor is “a decade shift”. This really got my attention.

The Journey to .Net 5 .

Introducing .Net 5 ,

Carl Franklin’s Blazor Train is where I’ll be going for more training to get started (when I get a chance).

Testing Resources

I’m sure Playwright works as well.

It will be interesting to see what best practices and learnings come as more people use Blazor.

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