A week of Omnitech and life in the Black Hills

May 13, 2021    Omnitech Life

A week of Omnitech and life in the Black Hills

Omnitech RC Office

Omnitech opened a Rapid City, SD office in July, 2019 with Elevate Rapid City on the SD School of Mines & Technology campus. We are one company in two locations. With that comes that challenges of keeping the culture, connecting personally and having all feel connected. It was great to spend time with some co-workers I don’t see much, even if we were working on different projects. We have great people there. If you or someone you know wants to work at Omnitech in Rapid City (or Sioux Falls), please let us know and it would be great to work with you!

Omnitech RC Crew

Growing up and living in Eastern South Dakota, I’ve always enjoyed vacations to the Black Hills growing up and as a parent. I asked last year if I could work from the new office, but you know what happened (COVID 19). I was generously offered the opportunity and since my current client was working remotely, we took the opportunity.

Anna (my wife) and I homeschool our 4 children (the 4th is only 8 months, but he’s learning a lot too!) so we were able to go in early May before school was out. We were glad to miss the tourist season and see the early spring. There are a lot of places to visit and things to learn. We rented a house about 20 miles west of Rapid City from some friends. My Dad and Mom were even able to come for a few days.

We had some days of 80 degrees and sunny, others of partly cloudy to cloudy and it even snowed. We didn’t let the weather changes stop us from getting in some good hikes and exploration. One day, we finished a hike, got in the van and it snowed a few minutes later :-).

We had a great time and are thankful to Omnitech, my co-workers, our friends and the flexibility we have.

My Family on Buzzards Roost at the top of the Buzzard’s Roost Trail

My Family in the Badlands At the start of the Notch trail in the Badlands

Here are a few things We learned:

  1. Western SD weather changes quickly. It can be rainy and cloudy, but you can still get a good hike in. It’s worth the risk, but don’t forget your rain jackets.
  2. Anna is really good at planning, organizing and packing (I knew that before, but it was a good reminder)
  3. We can survive without constant internet access, even navigation :-).
  4. We were rusty on having Anna navigate while I drove, but it’s a good way to be together.
  5. We can drive across the state and have fun with 4 kids in the van. They are good at traveling!
  6. Carry on Mr. Bowditch is a good story to listen to while traveling. It’s inspiring to hear how much one can learn and accomplish if you never stop learning or give up when things don’t go the way you wished they would.
  7. God’s creation is amazing and vastly varied. Psalm 96:12
  8. The Black Hills Caverns were worth the hour and price.
  9. If you want a Wind Cave tour, show up at 7:30 am before the doors open.
  10. It works to stay on Central Standard Time, but a bit confusing when in Mountain Time.
  11. The Boulder Hill and Buzzard’s Roost trails are fantastic.
  12. Going off the beaten path is worth it and will probably result in new discoveries.
  13. I don’t normally have allergies, but it hit me pretty good for a few days. One of our daughters as well.

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