Fun Ways to Earn Bitcoin

March 23, 2023    Bitcoin

Fun Ways to Earn/Win Bitcoin

I found a few ways to earn Bitcoin with my fun. I installed Wallet of Satoshi as that was an easy one. It’s really easy to withdraw to a Lightning wallet.


Earn Bitcoin by learning with 21 days of Bitcoin , then continue to use the Bitcoin Magazine Earn app. Every Friday there is a flash code on Twitter worth 250 sats (at least this far).

It's pretty easy to make 300 to 500 sats a week. 

Yzer or their website . Please use my referral code: SK78LRB,

Use Fountain and Listen to Podcasts, earn sats, support podcasters over the Lightning Network . It changes each day, but I’ve been earning 1 sat per minute for up to 1 hour a day. I was able to “boost”/send a podcaster 100 Sats and able to withdraw to my lightning wallet after a week of using it. There is a monthly subscription, but I haven’t looked at that yet.

I earned 306 sats in 7 days.

Update: May 10, 2023 to July 10, 2023, I’ve earned 6,507 sats.

Fountain Earnings


ZBD has a lightning wallet, surveys (be careful sharing your information), games and a daily poll.

Play a game like Tetris and others from Thndr Games to win Bitcoin in raffles Withdrawing sats to your Lightning wallet is free and easy. I’ve done it many times.

It takes time to play, but a few games a day and I’m getting 10 to 300 sats a week

I made 500 sats in 7 days.

Bonus (added later)

Bitcoin Miner is a fun tap to earn game that simulates minning for Bitcoin and other “crypto”. It does show a lot of ads for Mint and Cash App and others that supposedly you can win a lot of cash for. You can earn while you are offline. I’m up to 110 Sats after running for most of a day and letting it run offline for the weekend. You’ll need a Zebedee wallet to withdraw (after you register in Discord) Please use my referral code -> CKECDB.


Kingdom Trust Roth IRA with Choice - similar to above for Bitcoin. YOu have a chance to win 0, 100 or 500 sats every 24 hours with Blinko! Before tax day, they have extra fun

Blinko winnings on the Choice app

I usually play 5 or 6 times a week and make about 500 to 1000 sats a week.

Grand Total

If I keep on it, I make a range of 1100 to 3000 sats a week. 

If you must, check the USD price . Today 1 US dollar = 3,598 sats.

These things fit into my day (though I do catch myself playing Bitcoin Blocks too much), but today $1 a week isn’t much, but in 1 to 15 years it might be worth $5 to $50 in purchasing power today we’ll see.

Exchange Referrals

I heartily recommend holding your own keys and having a hardware “wallet” (like a Cold Card, Ledger Nano S or Trezor). But if you want to use an exchange, here are some referral links that will give you some Bitcoin for free. Here are some good instructions from Bitcoin and the Bible

Thank you if you use my referrals and help me out. Learn more in my other Bitcoin articles and stack sats and HODL!

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