Clean Architecture and DDD Presentation at the 2023 Nebraska Code Conference

April 20, 2023    Architecture Presentation Development Functional Domain Driven Design Conference

Clean Architecture and Domain Driven Development for the 2023 Nebraska Code Conference

NE Code 2023

I have the great privilege of presenting at the 2023 Nebraska Code Conference on July 21, 2023 at 2:30 pm.

If you see this at the conference, it’d be cool if you said hi and left a comment or feedback on my my tweet .

Main Goals - OKRs for my presentation

I decided to attempt some OKRs for this presentation. More about OKRs


Attendees will consider the importance of architecture on the success of a product over time and be introduced to Domain Driven Design.

Key Results

  • Key: Attendees thinking about architecture
    • Result: A feedback comment or comments will mention architecture challenges they’ve faced
  • Key: Share we’ve learned from reading Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob Martin in an Omnitech book club .
    • Result: A feedback comment that they plan on reading one or both of the books
  • Key: Introduce Domain Driven Design (DDD) and new things I’ve learned in 2022 at Omnitech through a series of lunches using Pluralsight and through Scott Wlaschin’s Domain Modeling Made Functional book.
    • Result: A feedback comment they they want to learn more about DDD.
    • Result: A feedback comment they they want to learn more about applying functional concepts and read the book.
  • Key: Enabling common terminology for discussions about architecture and DDD with their teams.


My PowerPoint Presentation

This is an updated version of the 2019 SD Code Camp Presentation I gave with John Townsend .

His talk at NDC 2019 on DDD

His conversation on the Azure DevOps Podcast

  • apply functional thinking to architecture - min 20:53
  • immutable
  • easier to test
  • db code on the outside - onion architecture
  • pipelines

This is what kicked my interest in Functional Architecture

Gene Kim interviewed Scott Haven . This was eye opening and got me thinking about Functional programming and how it could be applied to architecture. I also go to use some F# at work.

Here Scott Haven presents about using this for Jet, now Walmart DOES 2019 - Forging a Functional Enterprise - Fabulous Fortunes, Fewer Failures, and Faster Fixes from Functional Fundamentals .

@ardalis: and ​ ​

Clean Architecture​


More Books: Sooner Safer Happier, The Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project, Working with Legacy Code, Unit Testing and DDD ( )

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