My Recommended Books and Resources

December 5, 2016   


  • Pragmatic Programmer
    • This should be read by all developers. It has timeless advice on approaching programming that I first read in college and then recently again.
  • The Art of Unit Testing
    • If you are wondering why or how to get started with Unit Testing, or want to write more maintainable tests, this is the book to read.
    • Get the newest revision.
    • Website
  • Clean Code



Magazines and Newsletters

  • MSDN Magazine
    • sign up for a paper copy for free with your MSDN subscription!
  • DotNetRocks - my favorite podcast!
  • Herding Code Podcast
  • Dzone
    • Sign up for their email newsletter. I’ve read countless valuable articles. The Refz Cards are very good as well.
  • DotNetCurry
    • a great monthly digital .Net programming magazine.
  • JSWeekly
    • weekly JavaScript email newsletter
  • DotNetWeekly
    • weekly .Net email newsletter
  • Angular Newsletter
    • weekly Angular email newsletter
  • FrontEnd Focus
    • “roundup of the best frontend news, articles and tutorials. HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser technology, and more.”
  • Pony Foo Weekly
    • “A newsletter about the open web, highlighting the most important news about the web every Thursday”



Note: I’ve added affliate links from Amazon so I’ll get small amount if you buy through my links. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with other resources I like to share.


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